Our Story

Tea and conversations is how our friendship began. Just a few doors down and with ten children between us, we had more than a few things in common! Even though there’s 102km between us these days, daily phone calls are just as necessary to help us get through the day.

With both our eldest daughters reaching puberty, it seems our conversations of late revolve around the embarrassing, dramatic, memorable moments of growing up. We are mothers preparing our daughters as they bloom into young women.

The transition from girl to adolescent can be a challenging time for some as they come to terms with changes to their bodies, experiencing new emotions, and dealing with all new perspectives and facets to life as they start to become a teen.

We wish for our daughters and yours to learn to embrace change, to be prepared for what is to come, be confident with what is the present, and be informed about their choices and their impact.

Bekole started as a gift to our daughters to help them manoeuvre through these years of growth and change, and now we want to share it with others.

Do you remember your first period? Do you remember all the angst, pains, heartbreaks and tears, that were mixed with all the joys, excitements and happy memories of becoming and being teens?


Colleen & Rebecca

As Director of Collaborations, Colleen’s role is to initiate and oversee the brands Bekole partners with. An entrepreneur at heart, she has, over the past 12 years, played a key role in several startups including Your Virtual PA, Picasso Media Group, and She’s Organised. Colleen believes in working hard, being authentic, taking calculated risks, and that her family with six children are more than enough.
As Curatorial Director, Rebecca’s role is to research and analyse the products that feature in Bekole Boxes, ensuring that they are a good fit with our brand. Rebecca believes that when words fail, thoughtful gifts speak volumes. She prefers to send handwritten cards, give timely thank you notes, and write to-do lists that she can tick with a pen. On weekends, you will find Rebecca and her family off on a day-trip somewhere, making mini-escapes away from the city.
Bekole boxes are more than just a present. We have curated them to encapsulate love, enclose nourishment, and show thoughtfulness. When a girl opens her box, we hope that it will elicit conversations between mum and daughter, aunt and niece, grandmother and grandchild, that say, we have been there, we have done that, and we are here for you as you go through it all.

Let's Go...

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